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Dear parents, guardians, students and well- wishers,


I am feeling delighted to have got an opportunity to welcome you all at Ispahani Public School and College (IPSC). One of the gifts we can provide to our children is a first class education. It is only the education which maximizes the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral development of a child. It is our endeavour to prepare our pupils for the challenges of tomorrow. The aim of our institution is to provide balanced and liberal education to its pupils enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels following the prescribed curricula of NCTB. 

IPSC has been designed to teach, nurture and foster by a team of experience teachers and staffs with a talented and dedicated faculty. We are devoted to developing our child, who would have the finest qualities of devotion, admire, determination and services to mankind. We provide an environment that encourages students to be self disciplined, to learn from their mistakes, to be willing to take risks and to value their own and others’ thinking.

IPSC has a proud history of academic achievement and is renowned for its ability to meet individual needs and fulfill potential. All students are encouraged to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. We promote the achievement of excellence in a learning environment that is safe, caring and accepting of diversity. The institution is committed to the development of lifelong learning skills that motivate and enable all students to make a positive contribution to society.

IPSC is being supervised and managed by committed, professional and knowledgeable Governing Body. Therefore, I assure the parents and guardians that their children are in safe hands with a promising future.

It is a great privilege to lead this remarkable institution.  I look forward to welcoming you all to our family of IPSC.


Sincerely Yours

Lt Col Khandaker Farhad Hossain, AEC